Marblelous Computer Game

18 Jun 2020

Marblelous computer game

Blogpost by Stephan van Lumig

Stephan van Lümig is the founder and co-founder of a few companies in the entertainment space, 42 years young, entrepreneur since 2007. He lives in the south of the Netherlands, is very tech-savvy, and has a passion for almost everything that has something to do with technical stuff: electronics, mechanics and software.

Today I created a Marblelous computer game.
Just for fun, and just to amuse me (with both building and playing the game) 🙂
But in order to (maybe) make it global available one time, I sent Activision (the makers of “The Incredible Machine” in 1993) an email where I asked if I could use the sounds from that game.

Marblelous computer game
Marblelous computer game
Marblelous Computer Game - Trechter
Marblelous Computer Game - Rietjes
Marblelous Computer Game - Piranha
Marblelous Computer Game - Croq
Marblelous Computer Game - 90 graden bocht
Marblelous computer game - mail Activision
Mail to Activision for Marblelous Computer Game
The Incredible Machine
The Incredible Machine screenshot

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