My Makerspace, it’s almost 100m2 (1000 sq ft) full of high-tech stuff. An amazing place to work, create, think, or just walk around… Welcome to my own mancave!

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My Makerspace is in the basement of my home. I have my own (woodwork) workplace and 2 so-called “maker spaces” (sometimes also called “creator space”).

From my ground floor, I am able to get to my workplace fast by sliding down a pole, just like in a fire department. As a little boy, I always wanted such a pole, so now was the time to realize this dream in my own home.

To be able to execute as many working activities as possible from my own home, I have a wide range of (electric) equipment (power tools).

I also dispose of a large laser cutter, CNC-portal milling machine, vacuum forming table and a professional (SLS) 3D printer.

In the other maker space, I have placed several FDM 3D printers and a smaller SLA resin printer. I really enjoy working with this equipment.