Make-it-Day at De Kempel Helmond

21 Mar 2023

Blogpost by Stephan van Lumig

Stephan van Lümig is the founder and co-founder of a few companies in the entertainment space, 43 years young, entrepreneur since 2007. He lives in the south of the Netherlands, is very tech-savvy, and has a passion for almost everything that has something to do with technical stuff: electronics, mechanics and software.

Today, Marblelous was invited to Helmond, at Hogeschool De Kempel. This day was all about “Make-it-Day”, where over 600 students could get to work with things like “make-it”, media, programming/coding, design, research and technology. Yep, a perfect match with Marblelous so to speak.

Not only did we get to meet many enthusiastic children, but also teachers, facilitators and parents who gave us positive feedback. And for the teachers, it was extra interesting to hear that we are also STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) certified.

The kids also surprised us again this time with some super cool marble tracks and “marble contraptions”. Really great to see their creations, every single time. 

Meanwhile, the moment is getting closer and closer when we go to the market with Marblelous. So it is really enjoyable to see our product live in action these days and that it is received with so much enthusiasm.

All in all, we thought it was a great day, on which we also made quite a few new contacts. We are therefore very grateful for the invitation to De Kempel. And by the way, also for the delicious catering and cinnamon biscuits, as a thank you to us,  afterwards.

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