Dutch Tech Festival – Eindhoven, Netherlands

20 Jun 2022

Blogpost by Stephan van Lumig

Stephan van Lümig is the founder and co-founder of a few companies in the entertainment space, 43 years young, entrepreneur since 2007. He lives in the south of the Netherlands, is very tech-savvy, and has a passion for almost everything that has something to do with technical stuff: electronics, mechanics and software.

From June 15th untill June 18th 2022, the Dutch Tech Festival was held in Eindhoven.

Marblelous was invited and got its own stand where we could show our entire product in all its glory. Several thousands of children, parents and teachers (including STEM teachers) have been able to build with Marblelous. Enthosiasm splashed off and as “icing on the cake” astronaut André Kuipers (who has been in space for more than 200 days) also came to our stand. Of course I showed him the Marblelous teleporters. He was genuinely impressed!

What a treat to experience this. And what a nice confirmation that Marblelous is greatly appreciated by so many people. This was also a good stress test, so we are very grateful to the DTF team for this unique opportunity!

Marbleous at Dutch Tech Festival EIndhoven – Netherlands: Stephan presenting Marblelous to astronaut André Kuipers

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