A day at the Test lab for FCC approval

8 Mar 2023

Blogpost by Stephan van Lumig

Stephan van Lümig is the founder and co-founder of a few companies in the entertainment space, 43 years young, entrepreneur since 2007. He lives in the south of the Netherlands, is very tech-savvy, and has a passion for almost everything that has something to do with technical stuff: electronics, mechanics and software.

Today, all Marblelous Smart Tricks went on the test bench. We got out of bed early and had to drive quite a distance through heavy snowfall. 

Once inside the test lab, our eyes were wide open. Everywhere you looked, you could see expensive measuring instruments, special antennas and other electronic equipment. This test session, by the way, is necessary to be able to sell Marblelous in the USA as well.

The Smart Tricks contain motors, lights, speakers and Wifi modules, all with their own radiation field. So they tested how much radiation the products emit and whether the products meet the standard.

But there was also testing the other way around, that is, radiation was also sent to the Marblelous components to see if that affected the Smart Tricks. 

At the end of an exciting and long day, we were told that we had been approved. Marblelous is allowed to be sold in the USA!

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