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Let me introduce myself: my name is Stephan van Lümig, and I am the founder and co-founder of a few companies in the entertainment space, 42 years young, entrepreneur since 2007. I live in the south of the Netherlands, am very tech-savvy, and have a passion for almost everything that has something to do with technical stuff: electronics, mechanics and software. Many customers and friends call me Atmoz by the way. Maybe I will share with you later why I am known for that nickname. Over the last 10 years, I have been helping customers using a tailor-made approach to get them excited and creative (again) while having some good fun.


Don’t forget to check out my latest project: Marblelous!

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About me

Enjoying myself and working hard, is the perfect combination for me!
Stephan van Lümig

Founder and CEO, Marblelous TECH

After pleasant and relaxed student days, I slowly rolled into a life where I had to work. I was job hopping from one part-time job to the other. To earn some additional money, I founded my first company together with a friend in 2007. The challenge of that company ultimately faded and I started to work as a software programmer, actually putting my study to use.

In 2011, my cousin asked if I was up for a new challenge as he wanted to start as an energy provider. The two of us started with a number of second-hand computers/servers and self-written software in my student housing at the time. Soon, another programmer followed. After a while, we were a real team. After many years of hard work, we created the company: NieuweStroom.

In 2015, I created an escape room together with my brother and another cousin: Best Escape Maastricht. After a period of inventing, building, soldering and writing software, another beautiful company was created with 4 amazing escape rooms. This company brings a lot of joy to escape room fanatics in and around Maastricht up until this day.

When all the escape rooms were ready, the building activities seized to exist for the escape rooms. After a successful exit at NieuweStroom, I started my first own company in 2018: Thuisbioscoop Limburg. This is a company building “home theatres” for people in their own homes.

This way, I could really show my talents with enough challenges in the area of both software and hardware. As a cherry on the cake, I was allowed to “play” with the latest and coolest hi-fi equipment I installed at the homes of my clients. I had found my dream job. Even better, I had created it myself.

At the beginning of 2020, a virus prevented my activities. Due to Covid-19, both the escape rooms and my “home theatre” company had to close for a substantial period of time. I had to come up with something else. In February 2020, my attention was drawn to something on Kickstarter where I had already thought of earlier in 2015 – right after founding the escape rooms – a rolling ball track (marble run)!

During the development of the escape rooms, there was no time to look into this, but now the moment was there. I had to stay at home because of Covid-19, so I had all the time in the world.

From that moment on, my life has been a roller coaster: I work from 06:00 in the morning up to 22:00 in the evening. I enjoy this immensely and it provides me with a lot of energy!

Now I would like to tell you more about the largest project of my life: Marblelous


My latest project. It’s more than an ordinary marble run. Unleash your creativity!

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